Where to donate cars? There are several charity organizations that receive donated cars. But you must make sure that you choose the right charity to donate your car. Some charity organization will use your donated cars for general transportation or hauling goods. But, some others will sell those cars en masse to raise funds. It is sometimes done by the charity itself or with the help of a dealer. If you are planning to donate your cars you must consider several things so that you choose the perfect charity where to donate cars.


Tips in donating cars
Before you donate your cars to a charity organization, here are some tips and things to consider.
  • The type of charity
One of the things that you must consider is the type of the charity. There are several types of non-profit organization that you can choose. You can pick religious organizations, animal shelter, non-profit organizations that help poor children and other non-profit organizations. It is better for you to choose one that works in something that is meaningful for you.
  • Does the charity organization accept donated cars?

Once you choose the type the non-profit organizations, you must make sure that they accept donated cars. Not all charity organizations accept this kind of donation. That’s why you must find out about it first. You must also make sure that the charity you choose is capable of receiving tax- deductible donations.

 Where to donate cars
  • Tax

As a donor, you must value your car properly. You can log on to Kelly Blue Book to find out your car rating and value. You must also fill in certain IRS form and attach it on the tax return.

Where to Donate Cars

More about donating cars
When you are planning to donate your cars, you must remember to keep the receipt of the donation from the non-profit organization. It is also better for you to take a picture of your car before you donate it. It is important for you to keep record of your car because IRS will audit non-cash donation, such as donated cars. That’s why you must keep the record of any upgrades you made on your car and correct data of it, such as mileage, condition, and date.


Donating cars to a charity is similar to selling your cars. In consequence, you must prepare all the paperwork. If you need more info about donating cars, the IRS offers you with some guidelines for this kind of non-cash donation. As a result you can choose where to donate cars and do it properly.